To achieve sustainable growth and long-term stability future-oriented businesses strategize taking into consideration the surrounding social community, with focus on their current, former and future employees. In periods of critical changes and restructuring it is crucial for a company to take measures to improve the relationship with its employees, both retained and those who have left the company. Such measures support the redundant employees during the transition in their career and send a message to the community contributing to future mutual benefits. 

We develop programs to assist your employees in updating themselves on current trends of the labour market, opportunities for professional training, the process of looking for a job, potential employers and prospects for employment and career development. Our programs include group and individual consultations and trainings, setting up of consulting centers for the period of the program, analyses of the labour market, research of employment opportunities and identification and contact with potential employers.

We can provide individual assistance to top executives moving on in their careers in the process of transfer to new companies and business. In this we hold on to strict confidentiality and professional integrity.

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