1.  We screen the CVs of candidates applied for a particular advertised  vacancy        using previously determined criteria regarding educational and professional background, special skills, potential for development, etc. We select the candidates meeting the core criteria and contact them to schedule interview appointments in our office or over the phone (if a personal meeting is not possible). If you are selected at this first stage, we will get in touch with you up to five days after the advert has expired. If you do not apply for a particular position, we will classify your CV in our database and will contact you if there are any suitable opportunities. We welcome all unsolicited applications which enrich our database and broaden our network of contacts.
2.  We meet the candidates to conduct personal interviews during which we gain in-depth understanding of their previous experience, their job requirements, needs, interests and personal and professional goals. We aim to determine accurately each candidate’s profile in terms of professional qualification, knowledge, skills, attitudes and type of personality. The interview is carried out by two of our consultants.
3.  We compile a shortlist of candidates whose professional and personal profiles match the scope and the specifics of the job opening and who would fit well in the corporate culture and internal organizational environment of the employer. We prepare written evaluations of all shortlisted candidates containing the results of the conducted interviews and send them to our client up to ten days after expiry of the deadline of the job advert. If our search is not successful, we will redesign our approach.
4. We organize subsequent interviews with representatives of the employer. Our consultant may participate in the second interviews, in case it is requested by the client. The employer may as well request additional testing of the candidates which is organized either by our consultant or the respective internal HR specialists.
5. Upon final decision by our client, a candidate is selected and offered to join the company. Our consultants may also provide support in the process of job offering and negotiation of terms.
6. Once we have met you, we keep you informed about all new developments regarding your application. In most cases, we'll get back to you by phone or e-mail in seven to ten days after your meeting with us (including if you have not been selected to continue). This period may vary depending on how fast we can organize the process with our clients.
7. If your application for a certain position has not been successful or we have not invited you to an interview, we will keep your CV in our database and will contact you in case there are positions, which may attract your interest and suit your professional background. We will not send your documents to our clients without your previous approval.

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